in-salon advertising and digital signage for hair salons & day spas

Printed posters and the clutter of table top displays from suppliers, are a thing of the past. Many hair salons and day spas already have TV screens inside their businesses, and digital signage allows them to maximize the use of this prime real estate to further engage visiting clients.

Still not convinced? The numbers don't lie... Digital signage gets up to 4X more views than traditional signage, helping boost retail sales by up to 33%.

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fully managed andno monthly fees

Sure, the power of Rivereto's digital signage software is exciting, but the $0 monthly fee is the game-changer. Our team of marketing/design experts craft all of your content, each and every month, to ensure your digital signage is always up to date... at no cost to you!

How is it free? The concept is simple.

$0 Digital Signage?

We know what you're thinking... It sounds too-good-to-be-true. That's intentional. We built Rivereto to serve not only as an innovative digital signage service for hair salons & day spas like yours, but also as a hyperlocal advertising network for local businesses. We sprinkle in a few local advertisers on your screen(s), and they cover the cost of your digital signage. Simple as that!

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who chooses the advertisers?

Like we said before, offering local advertisers the opportunity to advertise on your screen, is what helps keep the digital signage service free for you. Advertisers are hand-picked, and must meet a certain criteria. For example: Only relevant businesses who share a like-minded target audience as your hair salon or day spa will be considered. Measures are also put in place to avoid conflicts, etc. This means, you're more than welcome to have a say in who is shown on your screen(s).

the processhassle free digital signage

A service is only as good as the process... and that's where we shine. We understand that if it's complicated, most people will abandon it. That's what happens with most digital signage. Next thing you know, you have May promotions still showing on your screen(s) in October. We've eliminated all of that. Rivereto is as easy as Rinse-and-Repeat.

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Signing up couldn't be easier. All we need is a few details to get started. Head on over to the sign up page, and join Rivereto today for FREE!

Plan & Design

Once registered, we'll work with you to create some killer content for your screen(s). This can be product promotions, hair/skin tips, new product announcements, etc. Plus, Rivereto comes with TONS more functionality... such as showcasing your Instagram photos directly on your screen(s) as well.

Plug N' Play

Once you receive your Rivereto hardware, it's Plug-N-Play format makes it super easy to configure. No technical experience needed. Enter your wi-fi information, and you'll instantly see your newly created content on your screen!


Each month (or as needed), our team is ready to design new content for your screen(s). Furthermore, Rivereto's innovative application allows us to set expiration dates on any/all content on your screen. So, come the end of the month, expiring promotions will automatically be dropped from your TV, and your latest approved content will take its place.

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Rivereto is as easy as it is powerful! Start boosting retail sales and client engagement inside your hair salon or day spa, with fully managed digital signage from Rivereto.

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